About Roger

Who Am I?

My name is Roger Lipscombe. I’m 45 years old, and I live in West London. I lead the “Imp Core” development team – part of the IoT business unit – at Twilio. I’m based in the UK.

I joined Twilio when they acquired Electric Imp. I started at Electric Imp about 6 years ago. Before joining Electric Imp, I was a Software Architect at Trayport, in London. I was at Trayport for a little over 3 years, from April 2010 until August 2013. Before that, I was at 1E for just over 5 years. If you want to go back further, check out my LinkedIn profile.

I went to the University of Warwick, between 1994 and 1997, where I received a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

Professional Summary

Over 25 years’ commercial development experience, most recently using Erlang and Elixir.

Several senior developer roles, including development lead and most recently technical software architect. Experienced with Agile processes, including XP and Scrum.

I’m also an extremely experienced Windows developer, with C++ and the Win32 API, and with C# and the .NET framework. I also have a lot of experience with SQL Server.

I’m good at acquiring new skills extremely quickly, and I like keeping my skills up to date. I tend to investigate a new technology by working on small projects in my spare time.

But I’m not just a coder. I’m good at general trouble-shooting. For example: I can drive a network packet sniffer, and I understand a bunch of different network protocols.

I’m also good at communicating what I’ve learnt to other team members, through demonstrations, presentations, mentoring and just being around to answer questions and help out. I’m also willing to help out other teams as needed. I participate in code reviews, and the recruitment process.

I’m also willing to step up and take various other roles as needed. For example, I’ve spent time as scrum master, and have worked with product management to define and scope releases, and face-to-face with customers to capture requirements.




I try to go at least once a year; I’ve been to both Europe and North America. I’m on a K2 Nemesis, riding regular.

I’m lousy at jumps and once had to have staples put in a head wound. I now wear a helmet.

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